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I’m Going on a Reading Quest!

I’m going to be straight with you guys: I have never EVER participated in a reading challenge before. I know, it’s crazy. However, when you’re a mood reader, there’s not really a TBR you can stick to. Plus, whenever I start forcing myself to do something, I stop enjoying it, and I feel like joining some reading challenges would force me into reading books I have no interest in, which is a big no no. BUT Aentee from Read at Midnight came out with #TheReadingQuest a couple days ago, and I was so amazed that I’m going to join regardless of whether it kills my reading vibe (which has been dead for a few months anyways, so there’s nothing to lose).

To see the official rules and guidelines of the reading challenge, you can visit the original challenge post, which I’ve linked in the last paragraph. The challenge period begins Sunday, August 13 and ends Sunday, September 10. I really wish it started sooner, but at least now I’ll be able to get my fill of binging kdramas before I go into serious reader mode.

The Reading Quest Challenge Board 2017
The Quest Board (created by Aentee, art by CW)

To quickly summarize the reading challenge, there are four characters – Knight, Mage, Bard, and Rogue (you can learn more about them on the official challenge page) – and before beginning the challenge, you must choose one of these characters. Your character’s path consists of five challenge spaces as seen on the game board above, and you must read a book that fits each space before the challenge ends in order to successfully complete your quest. But that’s just the basics. There are also experience points and health points and rules about completing the other spaces if you so choose to do so, but again, those can be viewed on the official challenge page at Read at Midnight.

preethi the lone reader #thereadingquest mage character card
My character card, featuring me and my chosen character class: mage.

My personal goal for this challenge is to complete at least my chosen character’s quest. My other, more unreachable goal is to complete all four character quests plus the side quests (the blue spaces on the game board) and earn a ton of EXP and HP, but I’m afraid I might want to watch kdramas instead of read after the first five books, so we shall see. I wouldn’t bet any money on my second goal, but my fingers are crossed anyways.

Probably my favorite part of this reading challenge, other than actually reading the books – is coming up with a to-be-read list (tbr) that works with these spaces. I spent all of yesterday night working on it, and I finally have my list ready for every character and side quest. Without further ado, these are my reading challenge reads.

mage tbr list the lone reader the reading quest challenge
My expected tbr for the Mage, which I will be completing first.
knight tbr list the lone reader the reading quest challenge
My expected tbr for the Knight.
bard tbr list the lone reader the reading quest challenge
My expected tbr for the Bard.
rogue tbr list the lone reader the reading quest challenge
My expected tbr for the Rogue.

I’m actually very excited about this tbr – I purposefully chose books that I was either eagerly anticipating or really interested in, so I’m hoping these books get me out of my watch-kdramas-ignore-books daze. Even if it doesn’t though, I just hope to read and genuinely enjoy these, as I’ve been meaning to get to them for a while now. I won’t be sharing my tbr for the side quest spaces right now, but I think I’ll do weekly or bi-weekly updates for this challenge, and if I read any of them, I’ll tell you about it. Also, I am still planning on writing reviews for every book I read during the challenge period, so even if it takes away from my reading time, you’ll know what I’m reading + how I feel about it.

This challenge just looks like a lot of fun, and I’m so happy that it’ll be my first one. I hope to have a great time and finally pick up more than one book every couple of weeks. If you’re also doing this challenge, link me to your post (or wherever you’re sharing your Reading Quest intro) below, and I’ll check you out! If you’re not doing the challenge, then I highly recommend it, because what better way to have some crazy fun before school starts?

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7 thoughts on “I’m Going on a Reading Quest!”

  1. This post is so awesome!!! You put a lot of work into it and it shows!! I wish you the best of luck on your Reading Quest!! You’ll have to let me know how Roar is! I checked it out but never read it. *OOPS* Can’t wait to buddy read with you with Twitsted Palace ❤ Great post Preethi!!


  2. Go Team Mage! I totally feel you about normally being too big a mood reader to participate in reading challenges, but not being able to say no to this one anyway 🙂 It’s just too much fun. Good luck with the challenge!


  3. This challenge looks soooo fun!!! I wish you all the best on it!! Roar looks really good but this stupid reading slump :(( Maybe this will give me the push I need to read *Turns on TV* lol!!! Great post as always ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you! I had Roar from the library earlier (I don’t know if you remember) but then I returned it without reading it.😪 Good luck reading/blogging more and watching tv less! This is my goal too haha.

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