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Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

Girl Waits With Gun Book Review Cover 2017I’d heard of this book before, and it was on my to-be-read (TBR) list, but I never really gave it too much thought. However, the other day, I walked into an indie bookstore and saw this on display – it was a beautiful paperback, the cover felt like newspaper to the touch. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but guess what I came home with? I regret nothing.

Girl Waits With Gun is a story about three sisters. The main character, Constance Kopp, is riding into town with her two sisters, Norma and Fleurette, when someone crashes into them and destroys their buggy. Constance politely asks for the money necessary to repair the vehicle, but it turns out that the men who crashed into them are not ordinary citizens. All of the sudden, the sisters find themselves under siege, more or less, by these dastardly villains, and it’s up to Constance to protect her sisters and attain justice against the criminals. Amongst all of this, there’s another mystery that must be solved, a potential romance – or maybe it’s all in my head – and a past that gives way to secrets. Did I have fun reading this? Heck yes.

If you’ve watched Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix and really enjoyed it, then this book is most certainly for you. If you’ve watched Veronica Mars, the show, then this book is also for you. If you’ve watched them both like I have, then you, also, shall have a ton of fun with these characters.

When I first started reading this, I got a lot of Miss Fisher’s feels in that Constance Kopp had a very similar voice. The further I read though, the more different the two became. While Miss Fisher is a bold, feminist, defy-the-norms lady detective, Constance is just a “normal” young woman. True, she’s in her thirties and has no interest in marriage, but she didn’t look for the detective life; it came looking for her. Similarly, she’s not what comes to mind when you hear the words “lady detective.” She relies a lot on the sheriff to keep her family safe and catch the criminals, but at the same time, she makes some courageous moves on her own, isn’t afraid to handle a gun, and also does some of her own snooping on the side. I expect that Constance will play more of the traditional detective role in the next book, Lady Cop Makes Trouble, but even if she doesn’t, I’m on board with anything she does.

I went into this book expecting to find no romance, but I’m not sure that that’s the case. This may have just been me, but I believe that I definitely detected some angst between Constance and a certain character. To be honest, I can see there being a romance, but also there not being a romance, and I’m okay with it either way. The characters are very strong on their own, and I absolutely love the writing style of the book – it really gets you in the historical mystery-solving mood. In fact, the mood is very similar to that of Miss Fisher’s as well (which, if you haven’t watched it, is an A+ mood).

Overall, I was very pleased with this book, and that’s saying something considering I’ve been in a constant book slump lately. The characters, their backstories, and the plot are all excellently portrayed, and I’m thinking that the next book I read will probably be the second installment in this series. I gave this book four stars (★★★★), and hello, I would so be into this being adapted for tv.

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