The Small Screen

Literal Kdrama Titles

I don’t know if you guys watch polandbananasbooks on Youtube, but she does Literal Book Title videos, and they are the funniest thing ever. I also did a literal book title type video for sexy contemporary romance covers, and you can check out that video by clicking here. I haven’t been reading many books lately, so I figured I’d make this one a kdrama title post instead. This format works out great on youtube – I’m not sure whether it’ll still be funny in post format, but I might as well give it a try!

Note: There may be mild spoilers.

cinderella and four knights literal kdrama titles


w two worlds literal kdrama titles


boys over flowers literal kdrama titles the lone reader


my love from another star literal kdrama titles polandbananasbooks


strong woman do bong soon literal kdrama titles


uncontrollably fond literal kdrama titles


goblin the lonely and great god literal kdrama titles


the heirs literal kdrama titles the lone reader


she was pretty literal kdrama titles


moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo literal kdrama titles


rooftop prince literal kdrama titles polandbananasbooks


love in the moonlight moonlight drawn by clouds literal kdrama titles



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