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Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld

Book Review Graphic Novel Spill Zone Scott Westerfeld 2017Leviathan is the only Scott Westerfeld book I read before, and I didn’t really enjoy it. However, as this is a graphic novel, the author basically gets a whole new slate for me, and I really really loved his latest work. I’d briefly skimmed reviews before picking this one up, and they led me to believe that this would be the most intense, slightly depraved thing I would read in a while. When I finally got the chance to check it out, it wasn’t exactly what I had expected, but it was just as good.

Spill Zone revolves around the main character Addison, with her sister Lexa, and her sister’s slightly freaky, slightly awesome doll Vespertine. They’re living post Spill, which is something that happened in the place they used to live. Their parents died during the Spill, and yet Addison and her sister still live near there. Lexa was in the city during the Spill, and she hasn’t spoken a word since. Addison was away, but now she goes into the Spill Zone – a place no one else dares go/is allowed to go – taking pictures and earning enough to take care of both herself and her twelve year old sister. There are so many cool things happening in this graphic novel, an interesting connection between North Korea and the U.S., and so many amazing creatures that I seriously want to know more about.

As with all graphic novels, this one felt really short. Well, not that it was short, but I’m going to say it’s short because I read it way too quickly and I really want the next volume of this right now. The cliffhanger on this one is all sorts of intriguing, and I really love the main character, her sister, and the doll. Especially the doll – I want to know more about the doll. The graphics are so nice to look at and oh my goodness the book feels so good in your hands I’m not even joking. It’s all so pretty.

Whether you go into this novel knowing what it’s about or you go into it having no freaking clue what you’re about to get yourself into – this is what I did – there’s going to be several things that surprise you no matter what, and you will have the best thirty to forty-five minutes of your day reading this. Except then you’re going to have to wait probably about a year for the next installment because publishing takes long, but hey, it’s so worth it.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I gave this five stars (★★★★★).

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Book Review Graphic Novel Spill Zone Scott Westerfeld 2017

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